Klaudia Gawlas on her latest EP on SCI+TEC, future plans, and inspirations

The EP is out today and features 3 heavy hitting techno tracks

Over the course of almost twenty years, Klaudia Gawlas has established herself as a prominent figure in the Techno industry. Starting at the age of nine experimenting with keyboards and guitars, she realised that traditional music education focused on playing other people’s compositions, and soon found her true desire was to create and express her own music. Moving up to present day, Klaudia is playing exciting and eclectic sets around the world, injecting her own passion and style into stunning dance tracks on a myriad of labels like Suara, KD Raw, and Mood Records. Her latest EP ‘Fireball‘ is formed of 3 strong driving tracks that merge quick industrial kicks with ecstatic synths, stabs, and chimes.

We caught up with Klaudia to hear her thoughts behind the new EP, how it came to be on Dubfire’s SCI+TEC label, how she stays creative, and what is in store for the rest of 2023!

Hi Klaudia, thanks for taking the time to speak with us! How was your time spent throughout lockdown and how does it feel to be back producing and touring?

It was very hard. You didn’t know if we would be back anytime soon or whether that was the new normal. I spent a lot of time in the studio, but to produce tracks and not be able to test them on the dancefloor was a challenge. The part with the audience was completely missing, and it was strange. In the last decade, I don’t think I have ever had so much of a break and time away from touring, so it was good in some ways, especially for my body, and it helped me to concentrate on my personal life. But I am very happy we are back, it feels like a breath of fresh air. 

You’ve got a pretty packed schedule for this year, but what’s been the standout show for you in 2023 so far?

For many years, a standout gig has always been Nature One festival in Germany, it’s one of the biggest techno events. I played at Tomorrowland also last year, wow that was outstanding! So many gigs to look forward to this year, I love being on the road and seeing everyone.

What inspired you when creating the EP?

I was inspired by some of the events I have been to where they had fireworks, and the feeling when the drop comes and the energy level increases. That’s what I somehow wanted to translate into music. The track itself is maybe more of a tool but it’s worth the wait for the break. A good build-up and an amazing explosion at the drop. Hence the name ‘Fireball’.

How did you connect with Dubfire and how did the EP come to be on SCI+TEC?

I have released on SCI+TEC before, but we always wanted to do a follow-up release. I sent over the completed tracks to Dubfire and he liked them straight away, so we locked it in the release schedule. I have been testing these for a long time actually, so I am happy to have them coming out now.

How do you keep yourself driven and creative in the studio?

Drive and creativity all come from my passion for the beat. I love to create my own music, and I love to let my mind speak through music. Music is a powerful tool. I don’t really like to talk much, so all my emotions are translated through what I make in the studio. I get inspired by so many things, it can be big or small, people, nature, travel and other genres of music.

What is to come for the rest of the year, any upcoming projects you can share with us?

I launched my own label earlier this year called ILLUSION Recordings, and I will have another release out on that soon. So. stay tuned. It’s a new baby for me, but something I am very passionate about, as it’s completely my own.

Where can we catch you soon?

Nature One, Off Sonar, Parookaville, Nibirrii Festival, and my own Floor at Ruh in Love Festival….but all shows are amazing in their own way. Each one can be so different depending on whether it’s a club or massive festival.

Can you tell us what’s on your rider?

I am a vodka and red bull lover! Haha. I also always want to have water and some soft drinks, as we can’t be getting too drunk! During winter I actually do like to have green tea, so I guess that’s a  bit of a weird one. But it’s healthy, warm, and has enough caffeine to keep you going!

The first track, ‘Fireball’ throws you in the deep end as drums and kicks thud alongside rattling percussion and intense builds. A true no-nonsense analogue techno track. Up next is ‘Effective Avoiding‘ offering high-impact stabs the build-up over a slick driving kick. Gawlas combines this with crashing hats and constant rises and falls throughout the track to create a beautiful and dark sound.

The final track ‘Voices Around You‘ starts with a powerful driving kick before creeping into hard-hitting beats. It’s hypnotic whirs grab you as it takes you on a journey through many shades of stomping techno.

Fireball is out on SCI+TEC today, listen and download here.

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