Apple Music announces new technology that will allow artists to earn money from mixes

Listeners will have more control in mixes and artists can monetise their work within them

The brains at Apple have teamed up with a handful of dance music companies to advance existing technology that will allow artists to monetise their tracks which are played in DJ mixes. The advancement uses Shazam’s current technology and according to Apple Music, will allow them to identify and compensate the individual creators involved in a mix, including the producers behind the tracks being played.

Alongside allowing the artists creating and appearing in mixes to monetise their work, the new technology will enable users to skip to certain songs, view individual track titles, save mixes for offline listening and even experience sets with lossless audio.

As well as plenty of existing mixes already on the platform, Apple Music will be teaming up with the likes of Mixmag, Boiler Room, K7! and more to expand the streaming service’s library with a selection of old and new mixes.

Techno starlet Charlotte De Witte shared her excitement about the new technology, saying:

“Apple Music is the first platform that offers continuous mixes where there’s a fair fee involved for the artists whose tracks are included in the mixes and for the artist making those mixes. It’s a step in the right direction where everyone gets treated fairly,”

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