Vitalic releases new euphoric techno single ‘14 AM’

The new release is the second single from his forthcoming fifth album DISSIDÆNCE

Off the back of his first single ‘Carbonized’, that launched the forthcoming album, Vitalic has released the second single ’14am’. The calmer, more delicate track shows the diversity and assortment of styles that Vitalic has managed to squeeze into his 16 track album.

14am‘ shows off the EBM routes engrained in Vitalic’s style, mixed with new age techno. It’s a track that grows as it brings in more layers, leading with uplifting shimmering synths and holy percussive vocals. It finishes with a stripped back switch up, cutting the synths and vocals to reveal an underground techno crescendo, the final leg of the track’s uplifting journey.

Alongside the new single, Vitalic has unveiled his tour schedule for the rest of the year. His extensive international tour comes with three UK dates, a headline set for Playground Festival in Glasgow, and two venues in London & Bristol to be announced.

His fifth album, like many works this year, was born out of the worldwide lockdown. It’s a homage to the many styles that he’s produced over his career, and he is quoted saying that the 8 tracks released in the first part are not enough for him to truly express everything. Known to mix techno, rock, disco, pop and punk, Vitalic is an example of an artist reinventing himself and create bodies of art that transform and realign with his style.

14AM is available now here!

DISSIDÆNCE Episode 1 will be released on Friday 15th October.

To preorder a copy, visit here

For more from Vitalic visit his website | facebook | instagram | twitter


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