VITALIC announces heavy-hitting two part album ‘DISSIDÆNCE’

The 16 track album kicks off with the single 'Carbonized’

After more than 20 years of producing the finest pioneering electro, french titan Vitalic has produced a 16 track, 2 part album. The first part is set to be released on October 15th, with the first single ‘Carbonized’ out now on all platforms. His fifth album, like many works this year, was born out of the worldwide lockdown. It’s a homage to the many styles that he’s produced over his career, and he is quoted saying that the 8 tracks released in the first part are not enough for him to truly express everything. Known to mix techno, rock, disco, pop and punk, Vitalic is an example of an artist reinventing himself and create bodies of art that transform and realign with his style.

Carbonized‘ features last on part 1, but gets the ball rolling for the release with an intense post-punk energy which is certain to get you off your feet. Bringing back the old 70s EBM combined with a classic french electroclash, it features 4 minutes of screaming synthesisers and saturated beats. I A great flashback to his 2005 dancefloor anthem ‘My Friend Dario’, on his debut album ‘OK Cowboy’, which is the start of this album’s journey through his career.

Stream first single ‘Carbonized’ here:

“I went back to a rougher style of composition than on my last two albums, a sound more influenced by the 1970s, more direct, less smooth. I wanted the production to be aggressive but still sexy.” 

Aggressive is the word for this album, and Vitalic does not hold back. ‘Haute Definition‘ kicks the album off with a heavy electro sound that almost engulfs the disco undertones. With a constant kick drum throughout the track, it evolves through distorted vocals, heavy percussion & melodic synths. ‘Haute Definition’ acts as a warm up act, before plunging into the hefty techno ‘Rave Against The System‘, an unapologetic foot stomper, with acid loops and aggressive vocals thrown in.

After such a lively start to the album, I was absolutely blown away by ‘Lost Times’. Coming straight from a Cannes Film Festival feature film, this ambient cosmic track gets your senses tingling. The track features no noticeable kicks, but instead relies on its rolling basslines, to carry the synths and distorted electronic sounds through to the end.

Vitalic picks the tempo back up, but again switches his style, showcasing his talent, with the 80s electo pop inspired ‘Danse Avec Moi’. The gentle pop groove is an audible pleasure, featuring french vocals, a nice subtle backing melody and head bopping bass. ‘Cosmic Renegade’, ’14 A.M’ and ‘Boomer OK’ all follow the same flow of the album featuring similar tones and sounds, but with their own spin. With Vitalic saying his second part features even heavier sounds, we look forward to seeing what else he can bring to the table in part 2 of ‘DISSIDÆNCE’.

If you haven’t heard of Vitalic, you can also check out his award winning visual display at a Vitalic Live show in 2013, that was recently feature at the Design Museum in London.

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Dissidænce Part 1 Track Listing:

1. Haute Definition

2. Rave Against The System

3. Lost Times

4. Dance Avec Moi

5. Cosmic Renegade

6. 14 A.M

7. Boomer OK

8. Carbonized

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