Afterlife’s latest V/A compilation is a spellbinding rollercoaster of emotions

Realm of Consciousness Pt.V features Joseph Capriati, Patrice Bäumel, Adriatique, Recondite, Hunter/Game, Agents Of Time, Glowal and many more

Afterlife’s popular compilation series “Realm Of Consciousness” has reached its fifth instalment. The latest edition features renowned artists and rising talent across multiple sub genres, to produce a well-rounded showcase of the imprint’s diverse offering. With 17 tracks and artists, the compilation will resonate with a wide range of the label’s cult like following.

Joseph Capriati and Adriatique are among the established names, but these compilations are built to introduce up and coming producers as well. With the likes of new comers Beswerda and Gardens of God, the compilation will continue to build on Afterlife’s ever-growing legacy, and help establish the stars of tomorrow.

Afterlife at Hï Ibiza

“We’re transported into a life-affirming world where darkness and light are merged, and juxtaposed, co-existing on the same auditory plane.”

The compilation, like most of the Afterlife series, is designed to take you on a journey, but the idea of darkness and light is ever present. When the compilation is listened to in order, you can see the alternating juxtaposition in every changing track. This is no more apparent than in tracks 6 & 7; with Stephan JolksMorgen‘, and Fideles‘ ‘Interface Technology‘.


‘Morgen’ boasts a heavy-hitting bassline with a slow drawn out melody that hits the dark side of that auditory plane. However, we’re then quickly brought back into the light with a high tempo uplifting number from Fideles, featuring melodic synths straight from a intergalactic film.

The compilation is a rollercoaster of emotions, yet runs seamlessly together with some tracks throwing you off guard. Adriatique brings a stand out moment with ‘Trance Lesson‘. As the title suggests, the track feels like an Afterlife-style take on trance. Starting off slow, and steadily building to an distinct trance bassline and euphoric melody.

Joseph Capriati

Joseph Capriati’s contribution is a combination of eery sounds that are layered together so elegantly, it almost sounds like a life form from outer space is telling us a story. Capriati’s track ‘Sogno Profondo‘ features distorted basslines, high pitched melodies, and even a few sinister vocals for good measure.

Check out the full track listing and listen/download the V/A below.

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1) Colyn & Innellea – Obnoxious Desire
2) Recondite – Scope
3) Adriatique – Trance Lesson
4) Patrice Bäumel – Beacon
5) Joseph Capriati – Sogno Profondo
6) Stephan Jolk – Morgen
7) Fideles – Interface Technology
8) Hunter/Game & Primal – Tears Apart
9) Marino Canal – Windspeak
10) Ae:ther – Mechanisms
11) DYZEN – Rain Dance
12) Agents Of Time – Nightfall
13) Glowal – Blunder
14) Tone Depth – Anthizo
15) Fedele – Back2Trance
16) Beswerda – Turmoil
17) Gardens Of God – BOILeR

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