A new documentary series celebrating the UK’s independent record stores is out now

The series is out now via Record Store Day's YouTube channel

A brand-new series celebrating the best that the UK’s independent record stores have to offer is now available to watch. In conjunction with Record Store Day, Classic Album Sundays, and Bowers & Wilkins, the 12 part documentary explores a few of the roughly 230 independent record stores across the UK.

“Each episode celebrates the unique personalities and heritage of 12 record stores from all corners of the UK, shining a spotlight on the hardworking and music-loving record shop owners who play a vital role in bringing music fans together in their communities”

Behind The Counter

So far, nine of the twelve episodes have been released, including Bear Tree Records (Sheffield), Flashback Records (London), Jumbo Records (Leeds), Reflex Records (Newcastle), and many more. There is also a US equivalent being made too, also featured on Classic Album Sundays’ YouTube channel, exploring shops like Los Angeles’ Permanent Records and Indy CD & Vinyl in Indianapolis.

Check out episode one of Behind The Counter UK below.

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