Solomun releases first album for 12 years: ‘Nobody Is Not Loved’

The after party king is back

Solomun has finally released his long-awaited 12 track follow up to his critically acclaimed ‘Dance Baby’ from way back in 2009 on his own imprint Diynamic. In many people’s opinion this will be a very different album, but for me ‘Nobody Is Not Loved’ will not disappoint his cult following. In those 12 short years, Solomun has gone from a nightclub owner (Club EGO) and newly formed record label boss (Diynamic), to a global powerhouse. He’s featured in Ibiza residences, a GTA V appearance, and world renowned festivals like Tomorrowland, Exit festival and Ultra Europe, to name but a few. His ever evolving style shines through in this album, and when compared to his previous LP it is easy to see how he has progressed as a producer.

Eight out of the twelve tracks on ‘Nobody Is Not Loved’ have a guest artist feature on it, a stark move away from ‘Dance Baby’ which only had a single feature. With the likes of Planningtorock, Ätna, & Isolation Berlin making an appearance, it’s a mixed work of art that has no set genre or style. As you pass through the album, no two songs are the same, but there is nothing outlandish or offensive about what Solomun has created, to both new and old fans alike.

Jamie Foxx takes up a surprising feature, the Hollywood superstar featuring in ‘Ocean’ for the albums opening track. Bringing in a Hollywood star is a risky move to upset the purist underground scene ravers and yet it surprised me as the best vocal on the album. It brings a different edge to have a male vocal, one that is not typically used in house music of old, to the traditional female vocal that he has used in ‘Take Control’ featuring Anne Clark.

Whilst Solomun has made sure that the album has a varied style, it is clear that you could seamlessly mix the entire album together. This optimises the Solomun we knew and loved before the pandemic hit. He had become the king of the all day, all night, and all morning parties with plenty of memes floating around social media. Whilst the tracks are unique, I think this album pays homage to the journey he takes his ravers on, during the prolonged after parties and day raves. From the Daft Punk inspired ‘Never Sleep Again’, to the groovy soul filled ‘Out of Focus’, all the way into the heavy and aggressive ‘Kreatur der Nacht’.

The album had already experienced success with the singles Solomun has released before the full album drop. ‘Tuk Tuk’ has been all over both underground and mainstream radio, with it’s catchy mainstream house vibe, and vocals from ÄTNA that will become ingrained in your head as you bop to the chorus. ‘Home’ has nearly reached 10 million spotify streams too, a homage to the support Solomun receives from his hardcore cult following. It has the Solomun DNA straight from the start, an upbeat melodic track that is sure to get you feeling some emotion as it rolls through the heavy percussion.

‘Nobody Is Not Loved’ is a special arrangement, a showcase of the diversity he brings to a stage or set of decks where ever you may find him. Time spent away from gigs and shows has produced a masterclass in variation that you won’t find from many artists in the underground scene. If you are already a Solomun fan, give it a listen, it’s not as mainstream as you may think, but if you have not listened to Solomun before, ‘Nobody Is Not Loved’ is a great starting point to fall in love.

To stream and download the album, click here!

Solomun – Nobody Is Not Loved Tracklisting

1.Ocean (feat. Jamie Foxx)

2. Home

3.Your Love Gives Me Gravity (feat. Planningtorock)

4. The Center Will Not Hold

5. Out Of Focus (feat. Zoot Woman)

6. Tuk Tuk (feat. ÄTNA)

7. Never Sleep Again

8. Take Control (feat. Anne Clark)

9. Kreatur der Nacht (feat. Isolation Berlin)

10. Wadim

11. Prospect (feat. ÄTNA)

12. Night Travel (feat. Tom Smith)

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