Denon DJ releases ‘world’s most versatile’ controller

The new LC6000 PRIME makes it easier than ever to DJ with just one media player

Tech firm Denon DJ have just announced their new LC6000 PRIME Performance Expansion Controller. The LC6000 is primarily designed to be used with the SC6000; the flagship standalone media player able to run and mix two tracks on the same deck simultaneously. This is where the LC6000 comes in, it becomes the second controller adding physical control over the second layer, making it easier than ever to perform using just one media player.

With the same look, design, and feel as the flagship SC6000 Media Player, this is sure to look the part alongside any configuration of the set up. Everything below the touch screen on the SC6000 is the same, featuring the full size 8.5” jog wheel (that shows album artwork or a custom DJ logo), 8 multi-function performance pads, 100mm dual-precision pitch fader, and loop control.

The one huge difference is the absence of the touchscreen display. Denon have kept with the physical control concept, adding in its place a needle drop and track selection knob, allowing you to fully control the channel on the separate unit.  However, the LC6000 is not just a supporting cast member for the SC6000. The reason this piece of kit is so versatile becomes apparent when you look at the selection of setups you can choose from.

For those of you wanting a 4-channel DJ config with dedicated decks but don’t want to splash out on 4 touch screen media players, this is for you. If you’re looking for a compact setup that stands out against the usual CDJ, then this is for you. If you’re after a compact physical setup but prefer to run off Virtual DJ or Serato using a mixer, this is for you.

Have you already got a 4-channel all in one controller like the infamous Denon MC6000 MK2? Then these will seamlessly act as your 3rd and 4th channel. Most importantly, if you wanted a piece of kit that is going to allow you to swap and change between all of those, then you need to be looking into the LC6000. The LC6000 will ship with an MSRP of £599.99 and is available globally in Q2 of 2021.

Words: James Taylor

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