Technics unveil new ‘affordable’ turntable

The SL-100C will be available this summer

Hot off the heels of their last announcement; the new 1200MK7 direct drive turntable, Technics have now released details of their latest entry level turntable which is set to drop this summer.

Named the SL-100C, this new unit will be priced at £799 and is positioned as the lower-priced alternative to Technics’s SL-1500C. The cheaper option comes at the cost of losing the pitch fader and the SL-1500C’s built-in phono stage, as well as using a different cartridge; Audio Technica’s VM95C.

However, like its more expensive big brother, the SL-100C still features an iron coreless direct drive motor and an S-shaped aluminium tonearm. As with all Technics turntables, the build quality is of paramount importance, so there’s no doubts around its performance ability despite the price.

A high-damping insulator has been installed to ensure a smooth vinyl tracking process, alongside a two-layer deadened rubber and aluminium platter design to minimise low-end vibrations. What’s more, an auto lifting tone arm will help reduce needle wear.

Speaking about the new turntable, Technics’ product manager Frank Balzuweit said:

“The huge success of the SL-1500C, offering a fully-featured package for the dedicated hi-fi enthusiast, with all the core Technics turntable technologies, has shown we have hit the mark within a popular and competitive turntable class.

The demand for this high-quality ‘Plug’n’Play turntable – having exceeded our own expectations – is still undiminished even to this day. However, there is still a strong appetite from the market to deliver a similarly attractive package at an even more affordable price.”

The SL-100C will go on sale from June, find out more info here.

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