Get more control of your music with Virtual DJ’s new update

The latest version will allow users to make studio style edits to tracks whilst on the go

One of the world’s most popular DJ software tools returns for summer 2021 with a brand new version that will give users more control of their music than ever before. The latest version boasts the ability to apply a variety of effects to different stems, for example scratching just the vocals in a song, looping only the drums, or putting a filter on just the melody.

This follows their update last summer, where they introduced a new technology that lets DJs instantly separate stems (vocals, instruments, beats, etc) from any songs, on-the-fly, and allows them to create their own remixes live when performing.

This new update will allow DJs who do not want to use a laptop on stage to reap all the technology they would have at home, as Virtual DJ can export selected stems onto usb sticks for use with CDJs. Virtual DJ have also made improvements on the browsing and searching within the programme, allowing users to use a #hashtag filter system, colour rules and quick filters to find what they need in a snap.

Virtual DJ is free to use for non commercial purposes and can be downloaded via their website here.

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