Inside The Rave: What are your rave essentials?

We asked you, our readers, what your rave essentials were

Whether you’re raving in a field, warehouse or club, everyone has their raving essentials which come with them every time. Many of these are a common theme among ravers, such as chewing gum and sunglasses, but there are also some more niche items which die hard party goers swear by to get the most out of their experience.

Here’s some of the responses we received :

  • Chewing gum 

Is there anything more rave-like than when a random person asks you for chewing gum in the crowd? 

  • Lip Balm

Lips get dry and busy at a rave. Keep them hydrated.

  • Hand fan

In the heat of a rave, one of the best and rare reliefs is when you get a breeze that squeezes its way through the crowd to give you some air. You can have access to that at all times when you bring a fan!

  • Sunglasses

An absolutely essential item. Props to you if you manage to keep hold of them too!

  • Ear defenders

Ever had sore or ringing ears after a rave? Especially if you spend your time right next to the speaker (we’re looking at you, Bass Zombies). Wear some ear defenders and protect your hearing. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. 

  • Gaviscon tablets 

Heartburn can interfere with a good time, take one of these, and you’re good to go.

  • Imodium 


  • Vix Nasal Spray

For all of the apparent pollutants at the festival, keep your nose clear and breathable.

  • Wallet

Forget your wallet for a rave, and your night is ruined. A helpful checklist before you go: Keys? Phone? Wallet?

  • Electrolyte tablets/sachets

Raving all day can seriously deplete your hydration levels (a common cause of seizures and fainting at events), and no amount of water or alcohol can replace your electrolytes. Stay hydrated, which will keep you raving for longer.

  • Paracetamol 

Perfect for any niggling pains to keep you two stepping through the day and night.

  • Cigarettes 

The best conversations come from the smoking area.

  • Magnesium

To help with those tight cramping muscles

  • Aftershave/perfume

Stay fresh and smelling good

  • Rave goggles/glasses

Take your experience to the next level by adding some kaleidoscope visual effects to the laser lights. Some artists have even been known to add extra messages only visible to certain types of lenses (Marshmello). 

For festivals

  • Mini towel

Stay dry and refreshed.

  • Bucket hat


  • Robinsons squeezy squash syrup 

The water used from the refill stations isn’t always the freshest…especially if it’s warm. Adding some squash makes it taste much better and adds a little sugar to keep you going.

  • Suncream

The only thing worse than the aches the next day is the sunburn the next day. 

  • Portable phone charger

That feeling when you try to find your friends amongst the crowd, but your phone dies. Bring along a portable phone charger.

  • Hydration backpack

Instead of having to rely on one small bottle and leave the huge crowd in the middle of a set, have the water attached to your back. 

  • Camping Chair

After being surrounded by fields and dancing, the chair will seem like a luxury.

Cover image: Tank Sheffield

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