New venue to open in Kent this May

A space dedicated to the arts and music culture

Going by the name Faith In Strangers, a brand new space for artists, performers and creatives will be opening this May 20th. The 350 capacity venue will be situated alongside the Margate coast, providing a picturesque backdrop of stunning seascapes, dazzling sunsets and a horizon that will change season to season. 

Initially opening for table service this May, the 6,000 sq ft site isn’t your typical rave venue. It’s specifically curated with refined touches throughout to create a more relaxed house party ambiance. With comfortable seating aplenty and a dynamic atmosphere, you may be fooled into thinking the space hasn’t got music at the forefront of its mind, but that would be a colossal mistake. The venue will have all the ingredients to throw one helluva party when allowing full capacity on 24th June, with a multichannel array of Funktion One speakers, backed up with Full Fat Audio amplifiers and bespoke lighting.

Jeremy Duffy, co-founder of the venue went onto say:

“We’ve been crafting this for nearly 3 years now. The lockdown has been tough for many and we’re happy we can provide a new space for the neighbourhood. When we talk about a cultural venue, it’s not just about having highbrow art or the latest trend… It’s about exploring things people can enjoy together, making memories and sharing moments.

That’s what we want to provide, the cocktails, music, guest chefs etc are all a catalyst for people to get together and find things they have in common with each other. We wanted to create an atmosphere where people can indulge in something other than a distraction”.

Live broadcasting is at the heart of the club, with a groundbreaking 21 cameras placed in and round the venue. Enabling Faith In Strangers to present their space to the world like never before with a team on hand to oversee broadcasting, recording and producing content all in-house. Alongside being a hub for music and events, by day Faith In Strangers will also cater for those in need of a workspace, with host desks available by application for £120 per month.

A cultural programme ranging from selectors to scientists with a mixture of local talent and people further afield will be announced over the coming months.

To find out more head here.

Words: Neil Ritchie

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