Folamour teases new album with his latest release: ‘Just Want Happiness’

The new single also features a stunt-filled music video

As we move closer to the release of his latest album, the French master of funk Folamour has kicked off 2021 with a brand new release to keep us waiting patiently. Following his explosion into the limelight after clips of his Abba-fuelled performance for Boiler Room at FLY Open Air went viral, Folamour has continued to climb the ranks.

Alongside his Boiler Room performance, the in-demand artist clocked 130 shows across the globe in 2019 and now boasts multiple releases with millions of plays, including two albums on his very own FHUO (For Heaven Use Only) label.

The latest release under his belt is a stripped-back number titled ‘Just Want Happiness’. Tipped to be part of his upcoming album, the track is centred around soothing melodies, gentle guitar rhythms and uplifting synths. To compliment the release, Folamour has also released a music video which sees the artist performing his own stunts. Speaking about the new single, the producer has said :

“I wanted to represent the story of the *upcoming* album through this very special song. I wrote the story of this man who decided to leave the city to find himself, and chose to symbolise this pain with fire. We choose not to use any special effects to really bring this to life and demonstrate the weight of the world from which he tries to escape.

The album is yet to receive a title or release date, but in the meantime you can listen to the new single here or check out the video below!

Words: Omar Thorne

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