Inside The Rave : What do ravers wear on their feet?

We asked you, our readers, what your go-to rave footwear was.

Typically at a rave, nothing sees as much dirt, spilt drinks, and excess chewing gum as your shoes. For some people choice of footwear isn’t something which needs much thought. However, those who’ve previously worn the wrong choice can tell you, nothing gets you through a rave like a good pair of shoes. Quality footwear can be the difference between needing to sit down halfway through vs dancing for the rest of the event.

Many ravers swear by a particular brand or type of shoe, and why that is could be for a number of reasons. Comfort being the most important (you’d hope). Realistically, you can’t expect to wear stilettos or cuban heels for over 12 hours in a sweaty warehouse and not end up in pain. Another factor some consider is style. Fashion has always been part of rave culture and whilst the exact style of clothing people wear to raves may have changed over the years, one question has stayed the same – does this go with my outfit?

So, to find out exactly what ravers wear on their feet, we asked you to tell us your go-to choices. We’ve ordered your responses by price from low-to-high.

What’s the most expensive shoe you expect to see at a rave? Scroll down below to find out.

  • Platform boots (£40-£80)
Photo Credit: ASOS
  • Reebok Club c 85 (£69.95)
Photo Credit: ASOS
  • Black vans (£70)
Photo Credit: ASOS
  • Converse (£75)
Photo Credit: ASOS
  • White high top converse (£75)
Converse White Canvas Shoes - Buy Converse White Canvas ...
Photo Credit: ASOS
  • Adidas superstars £79.95
Photo Credit: ASOS
  • An old pair of Nike Air Force 1s (£80)
Photo Credit: ASOS
  • Nike  Huarache (£88)
Photo Credit: ASOS
  • Knee High Boots (£80-£100)
Photo Credit: ASOS
  • Wedge trainers (£90)
Photo Credit: ASOS
  • Air Max 90s (£115)
Photo Credit: JD Sports
  • Air Max 270 (£120)
Photo Credit: ASOS
  • Adidas Ultra Boosts (£140)
Photo Credit: ASOS
  • Doc Martens “to shield my toes from being stomped on” (£150-£200)
Photo Credit: ASOS
  • Air Max 97 (Seoul Limited Edition) – £160, resold at £350+
Photo Credit: Nike
  • Balenciaga Triple S (£650) – Yikes!
Photo Credit: Farfetch

See your shoe below? If not, leave a comment below to let us know what you wear to raves!

Words : Elle Farrell-Kingsley
Cover Image : Egg London

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