Octo Octa is teaching a five day music production course for under $50

The artist will be touching on a variety of subjects

Running from February22nd – 26th, New Hampshire-based DJ & Producer Octo Octa is due to teach an online course covering her approach to all the fundamental elements of music production. Real name Maya-Bouldry Morrison, the American artist is known for producing eclectic house music and breakbeat tunes which are full of intricate detail and unique character.

Across the five day course curated by IO Music Academy will include a lesson each day hosted virtually by Octo Octa via livestreams, with time for questions at the end of each session. The comprehensive programme which is designed for intermediate level producers will discuss essential music-making techniques such as hardware routing, MIDI clocking, sequencing, synthesis, sound design and mixing. Alongside this, Octo Octa will also advise on home studio setups, including budget-friendly options.

Octo Octa’s home studio

Joining the course costs just $47 (around £34) + VAT, which is a fraction of the price many other top flight producers and music schools will charge for the same amount of insight.

Each livestream will take place at 6pm EST (11pm UK time). For those who aren’t able to join at that time, each class will be recorded and can be rewatched an unlimited amount of times along with access to additional learning materials.

What’s more, for people who are unable to pay the $47 fee, Octo Octa has offered to help. In a recent instagram post about the course, she stated “If you are someone that cannot afford this class, please write me as there are some reserved seats”.

Head here to find more details on the course and check out some of Octo Octa’s previous releases on her Youtube below.

Words : Neil Ritchie

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