The story behind the infamous yellow rave smiley

Nearly 50 years on this short animation shows how the symbol of positivity has stood its ground

The yellow smiley reaches its 50th birthday next year, marking half a century as the unofficial mascot for social and musical movements across the globe. Kicking off the celebrations for this iconic symbol is an animation featuring house legend; DJ Pierre.

The Chicago selector plays tribute to the smiley with a short film visualising the yellow symbol’s journey through time. Starting with its birth as part of a French newspaper in 1972, to becoming an icon of peace, love and future-facing outlooks.

Recognised famously for its relationship to the acid house scene, it feels only right that DJ Pierre is at the forefront of this celebration. Known as one of acid house’s founding fathers, he recently reached the milestone of 35 years of service in the industry. His enlightening narrative in the animation explains how the iconic symbol has played its role throughout the years.

Bringing the animation to life are a team of illustrators and animators from Georgia. Working in tandem with Filmmaker Liam Aldous and multidisciplinary artist Maxime Machaidze, their mission was to create a powerful film which portrays the colourful story of the rave smiley, whilst reminding us of the important message behind this powerful symbol.

Check out the animation below!

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