Human Traffic director confirms the sequel is ready to go

The film will be based on another long weekend in Cardiff

Over the past four years, rumour and speculation have circulated a potential second instalment to the cult classic; Human Traffic. The sequel has been talked about openly for a long time, but finally the film seems to be set in stone.

The original cast of the 1999 movie including Danny Dyer, John Simm, and Lorraine Pilkington are all due to return. The new feature film was due to be titled Human Traffic: The Revolution, and once hinted to be set in Cardiff and Ibiza.

Film Director Justin Kerrigan gave a feature interview with the team over at mixmag and all but confirmed the news, “it’s time to make the film. We’ve got everything scripted and ready to go”.

Kerrigan has been busy fine-tuning the script during lockdown and has since removed ‘Revolution’ from the new title. Now firmly based around another weekend in Cardiff, the new plot will be focused on, “how the characters try to come together in a completely new time”.

The first film was financed by a private investor, so Kerrigan is also seeking backing via fundraising to get the project up and running, with the director going on to state;

“I’ve got no shortage of actors, producers, art directors, musicians and special effects people that want to work on the film, But getting the film funded is another deal altogether. The first film wasn’t funded by the British film industry at the time. It was funded by a private investor. Human Traffic wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for independent finance”.

You can check out the fundraiser here.

Words: Neil Ritchie

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