LWE launch new virtual event with a digital recreation of an iconic venue

The first shows are set to take place on Easter Weekend

London party starters LWE have announced an exciting development which is set to change the game for digital and real world events. Teaming up with the world’s leading virtual event platform; Sansar, these two colossal brands are joining forces to bridge the gap between VR and real life. Inviting ravers, music lovers, and gamers to experience LWE’s spiritual home of Tobacco Dock like never before.

Fans of the venue will be able to immerse themselves in a virtual rendition of the renowned rave space, with the entire site recreated down to the finest details. A series of shows will be held at the virtual rave playground, kicking off on Easter Weekend with a world class programme of artists booked to perform.

In addition to freely roaming the main shows across the venue’s grand rooms and intimate car park, attendees will also have access to pre-parties, after-parties and unique gaming options to amplify their experience.

What’s more, for the first time ever Sansar’s platform will be available via mobile, MAC, PC, tablet and VR system on any browser, accessible to all regardless of age and location. Following the success of their last virtual stint Junction 2: Connections, which saw over 3 million viewers, LWE are aiming to continue pushing the boundaries of this “new-normal raving”. When events as we know them can return, they intend to merge all 3 platforms: virtual, real life and gaming, with the remote alternatives running parallel to their future live shows.

Speaking about this new project, LWE Director, Paul Jack has said:

“TDv is our next step in the evolution of LWE and the development of our long-term event concepts where we see virtual worlds sitting alongside the real world. Tobacco Dock has hosted some of our most exciting shows and led the way in the UK for vast daytime events. This next step on our journey will pave the way for hybrid events within a fully immersive digital and physical space, providing a huge new platform to showcase music.”

Further details of the concept, including the opening weekend’s lineup at Tobacco Dock Virtual will be revealed on February 16th.

Words: Omar Thorne

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