Raver’s essentials : Woov App

A revolutionary new way to rave

This month’s essential bit of kit has been turning many heads of late, with ravers, promoters and events across the electronic music world all shouting about the Woov app.

What is Woov?


The innovators behind the concept; Sebastien Westerduin and Irfan van Ewijk, had a mission of connecting music professionals and their faithful customers, in a future-proof format ideal for ravers on the go. Hailing from Amsterdam; the music capital of the Netherlands, the app launched in 2017 with great effect; achieving 1,250,000 downloads. Woov have already built strong partnerships worldwide in 42 countries with 650+ brands, seeing the likes of LWE, Bestival, Verknipt and ADE all using the service which provides a FREE to download app for ravers who attend their partner’s events.

So, what does the app do?


Woov allows festival/event attendees to map out their schedule ahead of the rave. This cancels the need for bulky and often costly lanyards along with last minute posters that can get damaged or ripped down. Every raver using woov now has venue maps, set times and artist names at the tip of their fingers to plan their rave in advance.

Find Someone

Ever lose your friends and struggle to get hold of them at the rave? Hours later at the hotel you hear them talking about the best set they’ve ever witnessed whilst you were trying to find them… Well that’s a thing of the past thanks to Woov.

The app has a unique feature which allows you to interact with a map of the event’s layout and pinpoint your friends’ location in real time with pop up avatars. Gone are the days of losing your perfect spot deep in the crowd because your mate wants to grab their fifth drink of the hour. Now they can navigate exactly back to where you are using the app.


Other features 

Aside from being able to personally plan your own set time schedule and find your mates, the app also features intelligent prompts to alert you of after party events and chat room groups that can connect you with like-minded music lovers.


In a day where phones being used at the rave is often the topic of controversy, it has to be said Woov provides an example where they can be used to improve the experience and help people connect further with the music they love.

The platform also offers useful advice and insights for the organisations partnered with the app, helping to reduce queue times and drive efficiencies for the event runners. Sounds like a no brainer right? Whether you’re a promoter looking for ways to better your customer’s experience or a raver wanting to plan your rave day, we’ve no doubt this is an essential for you.

Check out the app here

Words : Matthew Shipley
Images : Woov

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