Jack Swift’s Top 5 Essential Tracks

Check out the go-to beats for the wizard selector himself

Widely known among his industry peers as being a “DJ’s DJ”, London based artist Jack Swift has garnered his impressive skillset behind the decks after years of honing his craft. This dedication and determination to reach the dizzying heights of the underground music world has since led to him showcasing his abilities on some of the scene’s top stages including Ibiza super club Amnesia, Hideout Festival in Croatia and Manchester’s Warehouse Project.

His style of swiftly (pun intended) genre-hopping between house, tech and garage through the use of quick-fire cutting, chopping and blending has now become a trademark, with his thrilling performances leaving a lasting impression to those in attendance. A key factor in this signature playing style is his track selection; keeping the crowd on their toes with a broad library of music, whilst knowing when to bring in the right track, and of course what will work best with his mixing trickery.

Ahead of his upcoming set at our next pop up livestream party – The Barber Shop, we asked Jack the top 5 tracks which he just can’t get enough of right now :


1. House Of Kain – ‘Time Factor’ (Meta Records)
“Rolling vibes courtesy of Okain’s fresh House Of Kain alias”


2. Casey Spilman – ‘Temperature’ (Infuse)
“Everything Casey makes is pure fire and this is no different!”


3. Seb Zito – ‘4Ever’ (Forthcoming Four Thirty Two)
“Absolutely hammered this one! Coming out soon on Richy Ahmed’s Four Thirty Two label! Fire!l


4. Toman – ‘Waves’ (Piv Records)
“Top notch bumpy grooves as per from Toman!”


5. Chris Stussy – ‘Synchronicity’ (Forthcoming Rutilance Records)
“Proper bit of house music from the big man!”


Catch Jack Swift hammering out these and many more tracks alongside Devstar and more at our next pop up livestream party “The Barber Shop”. Attend for FREE by registering your details here.

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