Track Talk: Heat Is Too Hot EP by Giordano

Delve into a powerful new release out on the mighty Soma Records

Italian Born Giordano Libero aka Giordano has been drawn to music from a very young age – his family were heavily into jazz and rock music, and introduced him to a guitar at the age of 6. It was around the age of 14 he discovered techno music, only a few years later he thought he’d try his hand at producing. 


His DJ and live sets have seen him play all over the world alongside some of techno’s biggest names; Oscar Mulero and Steve Bicknell. Now based in Berlin, the hub of underground techno, Libero has released on some of the industries most renowned labels – Illegal Alien, Concerns, Soma and many others. His latest release ‘Heat Is Too Hot” on Soma is definitely one to talk about.

Title track ‘Heat Is Too Hot’ kicks off with a wave of crystal-clear white noise, driven by an intense industrial kick. The mid range taps scurry back and forth, continuously modulating to create that infamous techno groove. A deep aggressive synth lead is then introduced to give it the proper Giordano feel. The brief but powerful breakdown hears a bizarre high-end drone sound that rightly fizzes into the drop, bringing back the intensity of the track.


‘Forename’ is aggressive from the go; blistering synth leads, vicious stabs and raw percussion – Giordano at his finest. To me this track is the epitome of modern techno, really pushing the boundaries of electronic music. The track is repetitive, but it wouldn’t be techno if it wasn’t.

Libero mentioned one of his biggest inspirations is Inigo Kennedy, and that is evident in the powerful closing track – ’Piangere’. Blissful melodies sitting perfectly on top of the mandatory 4:4 kick drum. Crunchy mids that shudder perfectly in the mix and disappear for ultimate euphoric breakdowns. ‘Piangere’ is a climactic masterpiece full of drama and emotion. 

You can purchase and listen to Heat IS Too Hot here.

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