Track Talk : Mislead EP by Billy Turner

Turner’s forthcoming release on KSR consists of four tracks; three storming originals and a remix from label head honcho – Kaiser. Title track ‘Mislead’ kicks off with the necessary 4:4 kick drum and a flurry of mid range clicks popping around the atmosphere. Underlying is a growling synth line that modulates perfectly with the suspense and release throughout the track.

It really comes to life when the bells are introduced to the mix, galloping alongside the patter of hi hat drums bouncing around the dome in a frenzy of frequencies. And of course it would not be complete without Turner’s signature white noise pacing through like whitewash waves. Kaiser’s take on ‘Mislead’ gives a certain feel of straight to the point, no messing around, upfront techno. Although the remix does not differ a great deal from the original in terms of layout and sequences, it certainly has the Kaiser feel.


Combining the haunting yet peaceful harmonic pads and the driving drums of the 909, ‘Chamber of Sages’ is a clear example of how Turner can draw someone from reality with his definable sound. It almost seems like it’s second nature for Turner to add some kind of drone to all his tracks, this time it’s a high end fizz that blasts through to abrupt finish, which is a pleasant surprise in contrast to most of today’s producers who like to drench everything in reverb. It’s refreshing to hear something different. Turner has constructed a masterful track that would work equally as well in the middle of a set as it would at the end.

‘Red Tint’ showcases Turner’s true love of suspense. The white noise is forever rising, the synth stabs continually modulating and the chain-like hi hats and cymbals pulling the listener to the inevitable climax. Which in this case is a deep horn-like synth pad that floods the frequencies like a storm.


Turner is not only a master of suspense, but also of high end percussion – his intelligently placed white noise stabs flow past his strategically placed high end drums, of course, coming from the 909.

Mislead is due out 26th August and Billy is also due to release a second EP on Edit Select and a debut on Wrong Assessment’s AWRY in the near future.

Pre-order ‘Mislead’ here

Listen to the EP below :


Words : Anthony Tring




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