Irish nightclubs set to stay open until 6am from 2023

An overhaul of the centuries old licensing laws

The Irish government has some great news in store for revellers from the New Year, with legislation changes set to transform Irish clubland from 2023.

With clubs currently having to close at 2:30am, ravers are restricted with the parties they can attend. The proposed extension will see doors remaining open until 6am, allowing the clubs to put on bigger and better parties and breathe a new lease of life into the Irish scene. There is currently a review of the Republic of Irelands licensing laws – with plans being the brainchild of Minister for Justice Helen McEntee.

Ireland’s Tánaiste said in a broadcasted interview to RTE:

It will improve our nightlife and our entertainment – our cultural offering to people. I don’t get why the nightlife we offer people in Ireland shouldn’t be as good as anywhere in the world.

Sunday training laws are also coming to an end, with pubs and bars hours set to be updated, meaning they will be allowed to open daily until 12.30am, and bars with late licenses remaining open until 2.30am.

There will be conditions that nightclubs will need to meet in order to open under these extended hours, including mandatory CCTV installed on the premises and security staff being registered and accredited with Ireland’s Private Security Authority.

Alcohol will cease to be served from 5am, and these licenses and permits will have to be granted by courts, which venues will have to apply to. A fund of €2m will also be set up to provide grants to nightclubs and music venues to soundproof their buildings.

If this legislation is approved, the bill would have to pass the legislative processes in the Houses of the Oireachtas to become law.

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