Track talk: hypnotic house from Fell Reis on his new label HUE Rec.

Brazilian producer Fell Reis drops his latest record “33 Years Later“, a hypnotic, trippy tune with soothing melodies and organic drums making you dream of the dance floor. The track features Belgium singer D.Nada, who’s vocals melt beautifully into that natural sounding bassline and pulsing stabs.

With releases on iconic labels like legendary DJ Sasha’s “Last Night On Earth”, Tube & Berger’s “Kittball” and remixes for WhoMadewho, Edu Imbernon, and Los Suruba, Fell is synonymous with a dynamic and penetrating sound. He was responsible for creating a soundtrack for Louis Vuitton’s international campaign with Unicef ​​#MAKEAPROMISSE with the song “Valhalla”.

Not just a new record, “33 Years Later” also marks the launch of Fell’s brand new label, HUE Rec, with a string of releases planned for 2023.

Asked about how he produced the track, Fell said:

This song was one of the few that I planned the composition for. I had the lyrics in mind which was a Shaman 33 years later telling the kids in the chaotic futuristic world what we have done with our planet and society. Following that I started to focus on this song like a band, having live elements on it and exploring this dynamic. After having the structure ready I called my friend D.Nada who I always wanted to collaborate with and explained the idea. The result was on point as soon as he sent me the guitars and vocals the process was very very fast.

One of the influences I had in mind was from “Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood” . That laugh, in the beginning, comes from it. I never forget that laugh and I wanted to make it something similar to my song, D.Nada again did a fantastic job on it. 

The biggest learning from this song was experimenting with new elements and recording a lot of instruments. You don’t need expensive gear to make good music, record your own sounds, use anything to generate sounds and record it.

From the opening bass and that echoing laugh, you’re instantly captivated and can feel your head starting to move. With real instruments, it gives the track an indie-dance feel, with tranquil melodies and a combination of spoken word and singing adding to the grooving atmosphere.

The breakdown is a real euphoric moment, with uplifting chords and arpeggio building to a crescendo before the bass kicks into full swing. You can see how this was an unreleased fan favourite last year, becoming the soundtrack for the global music campaign of Ushuaia’s Palmarama.

To listen and buy “33 Years Later” head here!

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