Why Berghain might close by the end of 2022

With it's in-house booking agency and record label already stopped

Berghain is synonymous with Berlin nightlife, and is a known Mecca for eager revellers if you are lucky enough to get in. However, you may now not have the chance as there are rumours it will be shutting shop by the end of 2022. The club that has had its doors open since 2004, has had many people worried in regards to its future. Mainly due to the fact Ostgut, it’s in-house booking agency, closed this month and the record label already ceased to operate from earlier this year.

There have been rumours in the past of the superclub closing – but due to the fact Ostgut is now no longer operational, there seems to more than a little weight to the claims.

According to inside sources, Faze Magazine went on to say:

The Berghain is closing forever — the final end will come this year

One of the founders has already been paid out and is said to be staying in the countryside in Brandenburg, the others simply “don’t feel like it anymore and have other life plans in mind.”

In this case there are different concepts, for example passing the club on to younger hands or selling it to another operator. Apparently, this is not desirable.

For now these are merely circulated rumours, and information like this coming from the techno superclub will have direct impact on the music scene, the 250 employees and the multitude of resident artists on its books

Words: Neil Ritchie

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