Halfports talks how he got into the industry, his Ported nights, and future plans

The genre-hopping selector is on the rise

South West London DJ, Halfports, is known for his eclectic music taste and mixing style. Not one to be locked into a single genre, he spans the musical spectrum delivering sounds that the crowd didn’t know they wanted to hear. As well as performing at parties and raves, he’s also a DJ on Rinse FM. Blending sounds from the old and new, he also produces vibe-ready rhythms and mashups with dancehall, R&B and soul influences.

We caught up with Halfports to talk about his career in music since lockdown, how he got into the industry, and plans for the future.

Thanks for speaking to us, how are things going and how is 2022 so far for you? 

Things have been going great, I’ve done so much it’s crazy

It’s nice to see the return of regular club nights and festivals, how has it been for you since clubs/festivals re-opened? Any special moments for you?

Yeah everything opening back up has been good as I think more people are coming out to party now, one special moment I would say would definitely be going on tour with Kurupt FM, that was a crazy experience.

So, how did you become halfports? 

Honestly it’s all down to my parents, none of them were djs but the level of music they introduced me to when I was little was definitely a driving factor for wanting to be come a dj because the feeling you get from listening to music I wanted to be the person who provides that feeling for people 

What got you into music production and mixing?

I think from where I loved hearing future beats and mashups that really got me into wanting to make my own because I didn’t want to keep using other djs remixes I wanted to stand out and have my own ones, and that went hand in hand with mixing i would always try mix two genres together that people wouldn’t never even try to do!

How would you describe your sound and your mixing style?

I would defo say my sound is for everyone to enjoy I realised that I don’t play the obvious music everyone tends to hear in the clubs I sometimes bring it back or drop my own remixes which always shocks people

What were some of your early influences, and how has that shaped you/the music you play?

I would say the whole Caribbean soundsystem culture defo had a big role in my influences when coming to become a DJ I love the whole idea of battling out against other sounds which new music or mixing ability 

What’s the inspiration/ethos behind your Ported nights?

Over Lockdown I used to run live streams called “Ported” and i always had feedback that I should run club night when the clubs opened back up again, I also wanted to make a club night that also brought along up and coming djs onto line ups to also give them that help into the industry.

What’s coming up in the pipeline for you over the next few months?

Loads more Ported events, some outdoor parties, day and night parties and loads and loads of edits and mashups with a potential listening party (shhhh) 

Quick Fire:

Favourite song at the moment?
Gangsteritus – Potter Payper

Best set you ever played?
Printworks for Kurupt FM

Where would your dream set be? 
Headline Set at Ministry Of Sound

Digital or vinyl?

What’s the #1 thing on your DJ rider?

Which track by another artist do you wish you made?
Over – Lucky Daye

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Image credit: Taylah Elaine, +1 Radio

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