BBC Proms to take place at Printworks London this September

One of London’s best raving institutions, Printworks, is announced as one of the venues for this year’s BBC Proms. The famous classical event, usually taking place at Royal Albert Hall, and other UK destinations has 84 dates planned this year.

On 3rd September, for 75 mins the hallowed Press Halls will become an orchestral extravaganza, with the English National Opera Orchestra and American singer Anthony Roth Constanzo performing music from 18th century composer Handel and contemporary composer Philip Glass.

It will also feature live painting by US artist George Condo, who collaborated with Kanye West on paintings for his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as well as choreography by West Side Story’s Justin Peck. All of the costumes have been arranged by Prada designer and fashion icon Raf Simons.

Music, dance, theatre, video, audio soundscapes and haute couture come together in a unique project in the vast space of Printworks London.

The annual classical music festival has long been trying to expand it’s audience and reach, with some proms this year geared toward a younger audience. One is dedicated to legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin as well as one focussed around a history of computer gaming music.

Anthony Constanzo has said:

Printworks is essentially a nightclub and I love the idea that young people have an association with it.

What happened to a certain extent in New York and Philadelphia – and I hope this continues in London – is that we got some people who have never really engaged with classical music, or have no particular vision of what it is, who will walk into Printworks and see an incredible dancer or a painting being made.

“Maybe they’ve come because they are interested in George Condo or some other aspect of it and they’ll find themselves thinking, ‘You know, this music is actually quite beautiful.’

Tickets and more information can be found by clicking the link here!

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