Discover new music with VinylBox – the subscription service for vinyl records

Save up to 40% on vinyl records

In the day and age of mystery boxes and subscription services, VinylBox has hit a niche in the market for music lovers. Combining the two concepts together is something we love to see, a way of regularly finding new music, with a tailored approach to suit what you do and don’t like.

With VinylBox the concept is simple, for £32 a month you will receive 2 or 3 records for you to enjoy, some exclusive artwork courtesy of EMI Archive, and a VinylBox sleeve note. The records are brand new, not preowned in any way, and if you are lucky you may just receive limited edition runs or coloured vinyl. VinylBox has a nice outlook on the 3 vinyls, they aim to bring you a headliner, a household name, and a hidden gem.

With millions of albums to choose from, it’s unlikely that Vinylbox will give you something you already have but as a subscriber, you will have the option to veto up to 2 records or choose another VinylBox each month. With 3 a month, it’s the right amount to get you really accustomed to the albums over the month, however if you had stacked up, you can pause, skip and cancel at any time.

VinylBox claim that, in the UK, the average price of a vinyl album is £20.31, so you are saving up to 40% on vinyl delivered directly to your door for free. However, you don’t have to subscribe monthly. If you feel like adding to your collection, but you aren’t sure about what to go for, then you can buy 1 of the 18 collections for a single fee. At £50 for the box, you are still saving against RRP or retail pricing and getting that element of a mystery box too.

With regards to the 18 collections, these are entirely interchangeable week on week so you have a broad spectrum to choose from. Within each collection it will show you a glimpse of what this month could be, there will be 8 records that will be given out at random for each box. For example, this months ‘Electronic Embrace’ will feature Pote, Maribou State, Bronson, and Mood, plus 4 others. You can take a glimpse at these collections here.

So what about if you don’t have a record player? Well, they have you covered here as well and currently on offer. The Ion Audio Premier Player is an award-winning record player retailing usually for around £119. However, VinylBox have built their offering to suit your subscription needs; if bought with a single months subscription you pay the full £119, if bought with a 3-month subscription it’ll set you back £89, and then if you sign up for a whole year of beautiful records, and use code FREEPLAYER at checkout then you’ll get it for free.

With the tiered approach to finding new music then this might just be the game changer you are after!

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