Track Talk: Lucid synth-induced melodic techno from Reset Robot on Poker Flat Recordings

The 3 track EP features an atmospheric concoction of bubbling rhythms and riveting top lines

Today sees a fresh 3 track EP dropping on the iconic Poker Flat Recordings featuring the sounds from Dave Robertson AKA Reset Robot. The Portsmouth-based artist has thrilled some of the world’s biggest clubs, and released on the hugely influential imprints including Drumcode, Mobilee, Hotflush and his own Whistleblower Records. His new EP ‘Tired Voice’ is made up of his signature brooding sound combining melodic synths, crisp drums and inspirations that dive into new unexplored nuances.

The title track was written after I got my Moog Matriarch. The main synth line and bass were both done on that and I love how they sound. It can be quite inspiring when you get your hands on a fresh piece of kit in the studio”, says Dave on the feature title track; ‘Tired Voice’.

The 2nd track entitled ‘Meig’ Meig is an atmospheric burner with a strong emotional undercurrent, built around the SEM VST from Arturia. The final track on the EP ‘Jinx’ takes inspirations from a Novation controller. Hooking it up to Reason to produce a deep bomb that bubbles and boils with energy.

Talking more about how he approached the new EP, Reset Robot said :

All three tracks on this EP were produced at my home studio in Portsmouth, UK using a handful of hardware and with Reason at the heart of it. I’ve been a Reason user for many years now and still absolutely love it. The timeline of these tracks is interesting to me. Often EP’s can be a cluster of tracks that are written close together but these were quite spread out. Jinx came first and is centred around a 1 bar melody that I made using Thor in reason. I think its 2 Sawtooth OSC’s one set to 7 semi’s higher than the other. The chords and floaty acid line in the background were also made using Thor in reason. I love THOR! All the drums on Jinx were programmed using the Machinedrum by Elektron and I really like the warmth on them. 

‘Tired Voice’ was written quite a few months later and the bass and hook were made using the Moog Matriarch. A stunning piece of kit and something I’ll keep for a long time yet. I also found a really interesting loop from Raw Loops that comes in during the breakdown, it kind of sounds like a vocal and percussion loop which cuts in every couple of bars. That one sound really completed the track for me at the time.

‘Meig’ is the newest out of the bunch and was actually written with a new alias in mind. I’d been toying with the idea but after some thought I wanted to keep them all under Reset Robot. This started off with the heavy off key chord you hear all the way through and with the kick drum I made using the Moog Sub37, I added the pads and cut up some percussive loops from the Reason loop supply but this track came to life when I found the bass from the Arturia SEM vst. 

Years ago I would have rushed to send these to a bunch of labels but in recent years I’ve been sitting on my music for much longer periods of time. Mainly because it gives me time to decide if I actually like the tracks or not but also it gives time for the right thing to happen with them. 

Download the EP using the link here.

Check out more of Reset Robot’s work via his soundcloud here.

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