Daft Punk Lego collectibles pitched for release

It's already reached 50% of the votes required

It’s been only a few weeks since the superstar French duo Daft Punk recently gave us a rare glimpse into the past with their performance at the Mayan Theatre in LA. The 1997 show where the duo were unmasked was livestreamed via Twitch. The pair are an international phenomenon with iconic tracks such as ‘Get Lucky’, ‘Around the World’ and ‘One More Time’ hitting the charts globally.

News has surfaced that we could soon have the chance to get our hands on a rare Daft Punk collectible item thanks to a project on the Lego website. The initiative allows designs for future products to be submitted by the public, but only those that reach the hallowed 10,000 signatures will then be considered for production.

A creator by the name of Eliot O ‘Brien has submitted a concept to recreate the famous Daft Punk helmets in Lego form. As of today (10th March) the idea has hit over 50% of the target, with 5,605 supporters so far. There’s still over 384 days left – so show some support if you fancy seeing the French powerhouses crafted.

Talking about the creative process, Eliot said :

“The mainly-curved shapes were a great challenge to figure out with Lego bricks, especially with Guy-Manuel’s helmet, though the windscreen from the UCS Slave-I proved to be an invaluable asset. Though the builds use a lot of chrome pieces, they could be substituted for the more common flat silver and pearl gold colours without compromising too much on the overall look.

“I am a huge fan of Daft Punk’s music and would personally love to see an idea like this become an official set. If you also enjoy listening to the band, music in general or would just like the helmets as a display piece, please consider supporting the project!”

To find out more and add your signature head here.

Words: Neil Ritchie

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