90s rave-fuelled beats from Nadsat on Catch Recordings

The 3-track EP is filled with twists and turns

Multifaceted is the all new EP on Catch Recordings from the adventurous and talented label bossman; Nadsat. The new single is a quintessential piece of electronic music that captures his raving essence and features sounds created in the middle of the pandemic chaos. This aptly named EP marks the return of Catch Recordings as the head honcho’s track “Drum Memory” comes accompanied by two stellar remixes.

Drum Memory” is a forceful track that oozes energy straight off the bat. The track is packed with driving drums that stand behind soft and soulful pads. Topped with lucid vocals which give it a raw 90s rave scene edge, adding to the track’s identity and uniqueness.

The first remix comes from UK selector Ste Roberts, whom alongside remixing dance floor bangers, runs A&R at Hypercolour and for his own STE Label. Sprinkling the EP with his own take is a remix that grasps styles from both labels, adding a more circadian and spaced out sound to this drum heavy beat.

The second remix is courtesy of a hot up and coming artist who is no foreigner to the Catch Recordings family. Also featuring on top brands such as Céad and Stress recording’s, nwo has supplied the EP with a whole new dynamic, utilising jungle styles breaks and old school samples.

The EP makes light of the troubled world we have all experienced over the past years. Multifaceted is available on general release from March 18th. You can preview and preorder the ep on Catch Recordings bandcamp using the link here.

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