Track Talk : Heavy-hitting industrial techno from BEN PROPHET on Chapeau

The release also includes a mind-bending remix from Tommy 2000

If you’ve not already heard of him, BEN PROPHET is a name you’ll soon become familiar with. The Irish-born, Newcastle-based DJ/producer is quickly making a name for himself thanks to his distinctly raw and gritty take on industrial techno. Continuing to turn heads of respected industry heavyweights and ravers alike, his debut release couldn’t come any sooner, with many fans waiting nearly a year for the highly sought-after tracks to finally surface.

Landing on the Italy/Netherlands based label Chapeau, Hyper Funk EP dropped last Friday consisting of five tracks. Active since 2011, Chapeau has championed house and techno from the likes of Apollo 84, Niceteed, George Marshman and Rowen Clark who’ve all previously released on the imprint.

Boasting support from high-flying selectors including HAAi, Skream and Mall Grab, the 5-track EP has a consistent theme of heavy-hitting industrial sounds throughout, however each tune has its own unique elements to help them stand out from the crowd.

Review :

A1 – Hyper Funk
Looping vocals and filtered drums ominously creep in during the early stages of the title track before exploding into the mix without warning. A track which would knock you off your feet whether you’re in low-ceiling, intimate sweaty rave or a giant industrial warehouse stage filled with thousands of people. Either way, those drums are gonna hit you straight in the chest.

A2 – Hyper Funk (Tommy 2000 Remix)
Close friend and fellow rising talent Tommy 2000 offers his take on the title track, with what can only be described as an attack on the senses. Injecting the sensory overload he’s rapidly becoming known for, the introduction of chaotic jungle elements transform this former techno track into an uncompromising rave-ready weapon, begging to be unleashed.

Our personal favourite in the release is this tribal-induced dance floor destroyer. Arranged in a similar fashion to the A1 “Hyper Funk”, we see the return of choppy vocals laced with delay FX and concealed drums easing in from the get-go, building anticipation for the inevitable low-end eruption lying in wait. Aggressive percussion and thwarting kicks add a whole new dynamic to the EP.

B2 – In Too Deep
Shifting the pace of the EP, In Too Deep takes the listener in a different direction to the previous tracks in the release. Finding ourselves being pulled deeper into the underworld crafted by BEN PROPHET, the track leads with a mechanically doused sample, underpinned by forceful kickdrums. Sinister sounds lurk around the mix after every twist and turn, creating a dystopian atmosphere.

B3 – Get Up N Dance
Feeling like the end is nigh, Get Up N Dance takes us on one final ride through the chambers of chaos. Sounding almost apocalyptic, visceral vocals insidiously wrap around the pulsating bass and spiralling elements.

Speaking about the release and his approach in the studio, BEN PROPHET said :

This EP is truly the beginning of me finding my own sound and making it as unique as possible. I made Hyper Funk in the midst of the first lockdown, it was one of those tracks that really just fell into place and sounded full. I had no original plan to make it into an EP, but after receiving such amazing support on the track I knew I had to make it my first big project!

I am so happy with the way it all came together with the other tracks in the EP, especially the amazing remix from Tommy 2000. I knew I wanted a remix on the EP but I wanted it to be an extra special one and I know the one person who would bring Hyper Funk to a new level would be Tommy.

How I approached this EP is what shaped my sound to the way it is today, I try to bring a familiarity to people who know the samples well but also bring a mechanical/alien way of processing to everything from the drums to most noticeably the vocals. It’s primarily what’s shaped my sound into what it is today. The primary influences I have had in the type of music i’ve been making has come from my love for the weird and wonderful side. HAAi, Hessle Audio and many more have definitely guided me in making the more “out there” style of music and taught me to not follow the norm and that’s something I would encourage every producer to do!

Listen/download the Hyper Funk EP here.

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