Track Talk: GHEIST on the release of their latest LP: ‘Zukunft’

The 11 track LP takes listeners on an creative journey into the optimistic world of GHEIST

Berlin trio GHEIST are back this week with the release of their latest album ‘Zukunft’. Landing on their own imprint Radau Music on November 19th is an 11-track LP packed with emotion that takes listeners on a journey through the group’s diverse and colourful world.

The album comes early in their career showing boldness as they rise from challenge to challenge, demonstrating the skills of these young creators . Having teased releases over the last 6 months with tracks such as ‘Egos’ being well received, it’s exciting to see the rest of the long awaited LP is equally as mysterious and creative.

The album title ‘Zukunft’ translates from German as ‘Future’ and its tracks portray the positive outlook the trio hopes for. Through their love for songwriting, skill in composition, and crafting of electronic music, each song tells a story with feeling. Exciting combinations of breakbeats, synths and vocals with truthful and meaningful lyrics has lead to this spellbinding album, designed to give listeners a deeper look into their personal perspectives, as well as an exciting club experience.

Exploring the trio’s ideas on their emotion filled album, we caught up with the group to chat about the new LP and what influences them when making music.

GHEIST on the new album:

“Creating Zukunft was a very intense and rewarding phase, which marks a new area in our musical and personal lives. We’re filled with joy and pride, knowing we’ve never been alone throughout this entire, very fragile process, and we are thrilled and excited to finally reward the trust that has been given to us.”

GHEIST on their biggest influences:

“First of all we like to make sure that many of our influences are not just out of music. Listening to music of course is an important aspect and a great joy in our life’s but we also like to point out other things we value very much”.

Jean Michel Basquiat
“Visual arts in general definitely have a great impact and the power to make or break the mood. Jean Michel Basquiat, in his very short life, left many drawings and paintings behind that still have a great impact and also appear very inspiring to us. Coming out of street art he developed more and more a very specific style that even influenced artists like Andy Warhol.

His paintings appear so detailed and many of them are very colourful and still have something so mystical you can easily get lost in them. They feel driven and very melancholic and even if you saw a picture a hundred times you still find something new to focus on. He definitely was one of the great minds of his craft and if you don’t know him already he is a really inspiring artist and worth checking out”.

Helmut Newton:
“We are very much into photography and take all the pictures for our artwork ourselves. To capture a moment or a scenery is something we always do while touring and became a great aspect of our inspiration and a big joy. There are many photographers out there that are worth mentioning that might also be even less striking but we’d like to point out Helmut Newton as he also was an artist coming from Berlin.

He specialised in portrait pictures and is very well known for his great ability to create controversial settings that still feel like shots out of a moment, even though they were highly staged. There is actually right now another amazing exhibition of his work in Berlin which is always worth checking out. His style still has a big impact on photography as such.”

Cooking and eating:
“Good food is something that connects people all over the world every day and simply makes your life better and more enjoyable. We ourselves like to cook very much, on one hand for the creative aspect of it, as it actually compares to making music quite a lot. You can take any ingredients and create something new. On the other hand we really love the social aspect of getting together with friends and sharing a great evening that allows you to slow down and share a moment.

When we are touring one of the great joys are the dinners we have with other local artists and the places they take us to, to learn more about the local culture and cuisine. One of the most outstanding places we stumbled upon during the last years was a fantastic Indian place in Bali. Whenever you get there we can highly recommend checking out the restaurant called Sarong”.

“Reading a good book is a fantastic way to escape your reality and drift away in your own world and perception of it. Throughout a very long time in our lives there is an author that comes back every now and then.

His way to tell a story and create a setting very much speaks to us and feels like an inspiring place to go. Paulo Coelho and his autobiographical style of writing always gave us new perspectives and has a very calming effect on us. One of his most known books and a very good start to dive into his work is “The Alchemist”. Another lovely and more recent book to enjoy very much is called “Hippies”.

“Movies can be a very great form of art and storytelling as they are very direct and immediate. Combined with the right music they have a very big and emotional impact on your state of mind. Around 20 years ago Darren Aronofsky released his movie “Requiem for a Dream ” which still today has a great impact on our minds. Not just the story itself is very captivating and emotional but the way this movie was shot and cut set a style that influenced many other directors for many years.

On top of that, the soundtrack created by the “Kronos Quartet“ is simply outstanding and very well known. But there is definitely one thing to say before you watch this movie – you have to watch it in its original language (English) as all the translations are very bad and kind of ruin the experience and much more important, this movie is very sad and nothing for thin-skinned and sensitive people. There runs a shiver down our spines even thinking about it right now”.

The group have worked tirelessly to channel their emotions into this beautiful LP. The album is available via Radau Music. Listen and download from November 19th via their pages below.

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