Track Talk: Pumping house from Ronnie Spiteri on Kenja Records

A big, chunky release from UK sensation Ronnie Spiteri

Out today on his own imprint Kenja Records is a pumping 2 track EP from UK underground heavyweight Ronnie Spiteri. Originally making a name for himself in Southampton, he’s had residencies for renowned brand Junk, and been booked to play all over the world honing his sound at Do Not Sleep. His releases have been on iconic labels like Knee Deep In Sound, We Are The Brave, Toolroom, and 8 Bit.

This two original track EP is released via his own label, Kenja Records, featuring a third track via a wicked remix from VIVa music head honcho Steve Lawler. Originally started in 2015, Kenja Records’ focus this year is on getting some killer new releases on the imprint, along with a lot of Ronnie’s own productions.

On the A side is “Demons“, a chunky tech house thumper with a relentlessly growing bassline. Punchy kicks are typical of Ronnie’s sound, and this record is no different. Limited percussion adds a nice bit of groove while the vocal hook perfectly complements the record. The build up on this is immense, a huge hands in the air moment for sure.

Steve Lawler’s remix of “Demons” uses that catchy vocal hook to great effect, turning the pumping original into a more stripped back groover. Constantly evolving synths bring the track to a big crescendo, as the final drop undoubtedly leaves your head nodding.

The B side “Alana” will leave your chest rumbling from the low end. The driving bassline and tight percussion eventually open up into a euphoric trance style breakdown, with lushious chords and melody before dropping you right into the body rattling zone. Our favourite record on the EP.

Speaking on the release, Ronnie exclusively said to ratemyrave:

Demons was made for those small Intimate clubs. I really wanted to focus on the baseline and make sure the drums sounded chunky, as I feel when I make these kinds of tracks, they go off really well in a club, on a proper sound system. I get to hear the track to its full potential when it’s played out at gigs, as I have a lot of sub bass in them and its key to know what does and doesn’t work.

I really enjoy making the bass line on my Moog synth. Analogue equipment adds so much to tracks, you can’t beat it in my opinion.

I program all my drums in the Re Drum on Reason then add Distortion to beef them up. I always take my time on the drums as I think they are one of the most important parts because they are always in the track. It starts with drums and finishes with them too. I love making music for clubs and clubs only, so everything always for me needs to sound proper chunky.

It was an honour to have Steve Lawler remix this track as he’s a house legend and I thought the hook and the little vocal really suited for him to do his remix. It was good to get the old viva music stamp on it. Steve sent me a little snippet on WhatApp in advance and straight away I knew he went to town on it.

I like to think I have a specific sound as I don’t make banging techno, but it’s not skippy house. I like to sit in the middle of it all and it seems to work well.

You can listen to and buy the brand new EP at this link –

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