Blanche returns to London for the latest edition of their immersive music series ‘Conference of Birds’

Monolink, Ameli Paul and more are set to play

Blanche are back in London to re-start their immersive electronic music series with their first event of the year. Taking place in the iconic historic site of St Mary’s Church in Marylebone, the site will act as the brand’s new home for the summer, boasting breathtaking architecture and grand designs as a backdrop of the proceedings.

Kicking off on 9th July, the debut show will bring a carefully curated lineup to create a unique, and hypnotic electronic music experience. The event’s theme is based on the philosophical Sufi poem ‘Conference of the Birds’ which is a tale of conquering personal virtues to pursue the higher being.

Conference of Birds 24th January 2020.

Set to play this event are a hand-picked roster of acts who’s signature styles will capture the very essence of the party’s theme. German singer-songwriter and producer Monolink will be headlining the show with his ambient techno and house sounds. Joining him is the spiritual performer LUM, Blanche resident DJ Sacha Yonan and an illusive live show from the German duo Ameli Paul.

Tickets are available here.

Find out more about Blanche’s concepts and events here.

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