Ben UFO, Midland and Moxie to play new London Festival

Waterworks will mark their first outing this September

Arriving in the English capital on September 25th 2021, a totally new and dynamic offering will be hitting Gunnersbury Park, W3 for the first time. The festival titled Waterworks is the brainchild of the founders of Percolate and Love International. This tight-knit group of friends have devised a plan to curate a unique billing, in the efforts of making their new party stand out from the crowd.

Ben UFO will be back on the buttons this September

Bringing with it a fresh ethos to help set the new venture apart from the busy London circuit, Waterworks has stated that there will be no headliners. Yes you read that right, whilst boasting an action-packed lineup, none of the names confirmed are considered above each other in terms of billing.

Some acts are seasoned veterans of the scene and many are upcoming stars, however all will be given equal weight and a creative freedom for their sets. This means we should see an interesting blend of live acts and DJ performances from all corners of the industry. Furthermore, allowing each act the opportunity to shine, and to potentially put on spectacles the raver will rarely see in normal circumstances.

Among the acts set to play are the likes of Ben UFO, Call Super and Job Jobse who will undoubtedly be locked and loaded with other-worldly beats. Meanwhile long-standing industry heroes Nicolas Lutz and Fabric legend Craig Richards will take ravers on a journey with their unparalleled experience behind the decks.

For those who are more fonder of the harder hitting selections, Pearson Sound and Karenn (Live) and object blue will also be setting up camp in the Waterworks booth.

Speaking about how they curated the lineup, Waterworks said:

“We are focusing on some of the different flavours, strands and genres of dance music that have come to shape the rich musical heritage of London.
We want to pay homage to scene veterans like Ben UFO, Saoirse, Objekt and Shanti Celeste.

Finally, we want to invite a few international guests from our extended friends and family who we feel are masters of their field bringing something exceptional, such as Eris Drew, Nicolas Lutz and Job Jobse”.

Check out the full lineup below, or find out more about the festival here.

Full lineup

Words: Neil Ritchie

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