Dense & Pika release their long-awaited debut album ‘Colour Burn’

The 13-track LP dropped on February 26th via BMG

Last week saw the release of an eagerly anticipated debut studio length album, from electronic music heavyweights; Dense & Pika. The unique pair have made a name for themselves over the years, causing damage to dance floors around the globe with their signature kick-heavy, experimental techno sound.

The new album, titled ‘Colour Burn’ was released on February 26th via the infamous London label BMG, an imprint that has graced the likes of Leftfield, The Prodigy and Faithless in the past. The 13-track album showcases a variety of styles that the pair work with, combining dark and mysterious house with a more experimental shade of electronica touched by their instantly recognisable style.

Dense & Pika have worked alongside numerous musicians to create this 13 track journey, where listeners experience a state hypnosis and travel through a combination of glitchy percussion, euphoric synths, and stomping basslines. Their cosmic track ‘Honey’ features the dark and robotic voice of the American electro-pop artist Matthew Dear, whose lyrics compliment a steady deep beat.

The pair have also teamed up with another electronic legend for the track ‘Control’. It’s a progressive electro/techno number that builds up with bouncing synths and stabs underneath the iconic voice of Leftfield’s Neil Barnes. The distinct Leftfield style combined with Dense & Pika’s dance floor drive works perfectly in tandem to create this euphoric electro masterpiece.

Another notable collaboration comes in the form of a scatty tribal techno record called ‘Hidden’, featuring raw percussion from Sepultura’s drummer Igor Cavalera. This heavy metal twist combined with a frenzy of glitchy tribal drums keeps the rhythm flowing, before bringing in the famous Dense & Pika heavy kick sound.

Listen to the latest single from the album ‘Oxbow’ and its remix from Ron Trent here.

Purchase/stream the full LP here.

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