Brand new 10,000 square-foot venue to open in Leeds

“A blank canvas for endless possibilities” - The Wunderkind Group

Some good news has landed for the music & arts industry in Leeds, as a brand new 10,000 sq ft space announces its arrival for early next year. Testbed is the latest edition to the UK’s growing list of industrial spaces that will be utilised to showcase arts, community events and of course, electronic music. Situated on the edge of the city centre, owners of the space; Wunderkind Group are no strangers to managing venues, having run the nearby beloved spots Sheaf St and Duke Studios.

The founders are excited to open Testbed in early 2021, with plans to initially use the venue for a series of socially distanced trial shows as part of a project to redevelop the site. Its large space will enable bigger groups to attend events, whilst still keeping safety in mind. Following the difficulties that venues in Leeds have experienced trying to throw large scale events during the pandemic, the owners hope to play a pivotal role in unlocking the sector and providing a flexible space to cope with the unexpected.

Speaking about the new venue, owners James Abbott-Donnelly and Laura Wellington have said :

“Leeds has a real lack of large venues that can accommodate bigger groups while maintaining social distancing. With Testbed they have a chance to create a solution.

Could this be the next Printworks or Mayfield Depot? More info and partnership opportunities can be found on their site here.

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