Rocket-fuelled techno from Alignment on Charlotte de Witte’s KNTXT label

"These tracks are made to destroy any type of dance floor” - Charlotte de Witte

This November saw new music on Charlotte De Witte’s mighty KNTXT label, with an impressive 4-track EP from the Italian born, Berlin based producer Alignment. Having already received support from the label’s head honcho and other key figures from the darker side of techno, these tracks have paved their way into top flight livestreams and sets throughout the year.

The new EP entitled “Nothingness” consists of 4 tracks, each as heavy hitting as the next. The title track ‘‘Nothingness” punches its way through the door with its high power kicks and echoey chimes. Topped off with scratchy synths and broken down with ghostly vocals, this is certainly one to watch out for. Up next, the hypnotic track ‘‘Injection”. Laced with steadfast kicks and a sharp bassline, before trance-esque melodies create a whole new dynamic during the breakdown – a real euphoric tune for those early morning sets.

Packed with sinister synths and even darker vocals, the 3rd track on the EP ‘‘Reverberated”, creates an intense and atmospheric build up before meeting an unhinged techno drop. The final track “Sensory Deprivation” packs in an overload of zigzagging synths that keep you locked into the soundscape, complemented by fierce kick drums which cut through the other elements in play.

A perfectly fitting EP for CDW’s club-ready imprint, synonymous with the previous releases on the label. Now available everywhere, there’s no doubt this release will be causing pandemonium when the rave returns.

Purchase and listen here.

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