Brain chip that streams music into your head is in development

Elon Musk is at it again

Yep that’s right, a brain chip which will have the ability to stream music into your head. Sounds like science fiction right? Well, one day this could become the norm, courtesy of Elon Musk.

The man behind Space X and Tesla INC co-founded a start-up in 2016 called Neuralink. The purpose of this new venture was to aid humans with challenging conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, with the control of hormones and by stimulating neurological pathways, to tackle things such as anxiety (so it’s not just about music).

Co-founder of Neuralink – Elon Musk

The idea is to bolster human capabilities by inserting a chip into the brain which has a direct link to a computer – meaning humans can challenge A.I in things such as problem solving.

Musk also said that the device could ‘retrain’ the brain to deal with things such as depression, addiction and OCD – a powerful statement indeed. Human trials where meant to start this year but a date hasn’t yet been set in stone.

An illustration of how the chip connects to the brain

However, animal tests have proven successful in streaming music to the brain, so things are looking positive. Imagine raving at a silent disco with brain chips instead of those dodgy headphones…

Keep yourself in the know, as the next update will be provided on August 28th.

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Words: Neil Ritchie

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