Ibiza superclubs confirm reopening date

Open-air venues given the green light for July

The White Isle is usually buzzing with eager ravers, clubbers and international jet-setters this time of year. For obvious reasons, that’s not been the case so far this season. However, some good news for the dance capital of the world has finally landed. After Coronavirus cases in Ibiza have continuously dropped, normality is starting to be restored, and with it comes the plans to re-open its beloved clubs.

San Antonio is home to two party hotspots; Ibiza Rocks Hotel and O Beach. Both clubs have now received permission to open their doors from July 1st, as they welcome visitors for the first time this season.

O Beach’s famous beds

Alongside this, luxury resort Destino Pacha has also announced their opening date as July 16th and Cafe Mambo’s iconic sign has returned as they prepare for the upcoming season. However, to ensure all in attendance are kept safe, there will be various social distancing and covid prevention measures in place throughout all venues.


Ibiza Rocks CEO Andy McKay has said:

“As a well-established, open-air day venue, Ibiza Rocks provides one of the safest environments to party in Ibiza and given the island is opening up to international tourism, we are going to do everything in our power to provide entertainment with real world social interaction and community, whilst creatively maintaining physical distancing between elective friendship groups.”

Ibiza Rocks in full swing

It’s also worth noting that whilst these and other clubs start to open, the deciding factor on when visitors from across the globe can attend will ultimately be down to travel restrictions in place. At present, many countries are still battling the pandemic and travel to/from them would pose the risk of further spreading the virus.

Speaking about visitors from the UK, Spain’s Tourism Minister Maria Reyes Maroto has said:

“There (the UK) the health situation still has to improve. For us it is important to guarantee that people arrive healthy and leave healthy.”

Whilst we’re all eager to get back to the party island, it’s crucial we do so safely and at the right time.


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