Brand new music and art space coming to London

The new venue will create an intimate and immersive experience

December marks the exciting launch of a brand new club and art space in the center of Croydon. Introducing Phase, a newly designed venue consisting of two dedicated club rooms and a studio that will feature the finest in electronic music over the weekend, and an assortment of displays and live shows throughout the week. Both rooms boast an all-new Coda Audio sound system and a hi-tech sensor-controlled bass system that will supply the venue with loud and crisp sound.


Situated in the heart of Croydon town, the club will captivate the exciting and vast levels of creativity that can be found in the area. Partnering with local charities and organisations, the club will offer opportunities to the local community and act as a creative hub for people of all ages.


Coming from The Lambeth Group – the talented team who have been running the infamous Brixton venue ‘The Prince of Wales’ for 7 years – they have spared no effort in the design of this new space nor the program they have planned to perform there.

Watch out for the upcoming schedule by following their pages here.

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