London Music Conference announces Fabric as venue for their 2020 event

The three day event boasts exhibitions, an accelerator program, awards, and more

From January 30 to February 1 2020, London Music Conference (LMC20) will be offering a diverse and fascinating array of next level events and content. The conference exists a platform for the creation, development and expansion of electronic music culture, providing a unique solution for artists, fans, labels and professionals from across the globe to engage, interact and co-create in the UK capital – famed for it’s identity as one of the most musically creative places in the world.

While LMC20 will take place across multiple venues across Central and East London, the main location will be Fabric London on the 30th and 31st January. The program features a range of different events at some of the city’s coolest music venues – including club nights, showcases, and late night events. 


The exhibition will take place in the main room of Fabric, with the space designed to empower brands, developers, educators, manufacturers and labels with a networking zone, technology demos, a music education space to boot.

This year will also see the launch of the UK’s first electronic music Accelerator Program for artists and labels. The aim of the program is to provide music makers from across the globe an opportunity, and the resources, to develop music, culture and the business ecosystem that exists around it. 

London Music Conference have said:

“The LMC Accelerator will offer a technology powered, experiential platform designed to incubate the careers of music artists and provide an array of opportunities for labels, music tech. Fans are an integral part of this process and will help drive the outcomes of the Accelerator Program by supporting their favourite artists, apps and labels.”


With such a jam packed schedule, London Music Conference have still managed to find time to launch the LMC Award competition. They will be recognising the industry’s best and brightest, profiling the artists, labels and technology developers at the leading the leading edge of music culture, business and performance. We can’t wait to see who’s won.

For tickets and more information head here!

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