Charity fundraiser with Kruel Intentions & Danny Gould announced for The Rat Bar

Newly formed event organisers Angel Promotions have announced an upcoming event this June, filled with top drawer talent and rising stars. However, this time it isn’t just all about the music – with the show’s focus being centred around fundraising for a wonderful cause, with all proceeds being donated.

DJ & Producer, Luke Davies a.k.a LIEU has been suffering from an illness that will touch many of us throughout our lives; cancer.

Hear Luke’s story below :

“I read the other day its estimated that 1/3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in some point of their life. Safe to say cancer has touched everyone somewhere down the line of family or friends, so I’m no special case or rare exception. However I can only give my perspective on it, which started when I was 15 and my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer just after my dad passed away, fortunately she got through it.

There’s no sugar coating it, I’m on the back end of a 12 week course of chemotherapy with 120 hours under my belt, its horrible and I hate that its so common in all our lives. But unfortunately that is life, and I feel fortunate to have learnt that it’s how you deal with the challenges life gives you which defines you as a person. I will come out stronger from this and I hope this encourages people to strengthen those around them.”

2 Leake Street by James French (1)_0.jpgThe day & night event will be hosted at The Rat Bar in London’s graffiti-inspired venue 26 Leake Street. Joining the lineup are an assortment of artists who’ll each bring with them their own flavour & signature sounds to keep the vibe flowing.

Headlining the day are established house duo Kruel Intentions, who’ll feature alongside the upbeat HotBed sounds of Vicki Etherton b2b with John Jones and some old school selections from Clockwork Orange’s Danny Gould. Also joining are Tony Allen B2B Philip K, Devon Rivers and Art e Fect among many more. Closing the event will see Luke himself will be going b2b with Jep, which will not doubt be a groove-filled performance.

Many items have been donated as part of an auction which will also take place to raise money. Tickets are priced at just £10 and available by donating to the fundraising page and stating your name as a comment here.

ARTWORK : Graphictank

WORDS: Neil Ritchie

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