Interview : Decay Records

Label boss Davide talks us through his minimal house brand

Building and maintaining a record label amongst a saturated market jam-packed with music is no easy task. Many have risen and fallen throughout the years as new sounds and trends begin to form. It’s now become fairly common that labels who base themselves around a particular genre, deviate from this sound in an attempt to stay relevant. Decay however, pride themselves on staying true to their sound. The brand’s head honcho, Davide Dzeta talks us through the journey since Decay has formed.


So where did it all begin for yourself and Decay records?

After my DZETA N’ BASILE project, I felt like setting up a label where we could release all the music we feel for and also artist friends that share our same passion. The first release we signed was Paul Bowen from Luna Records which is a very inspirational label for me; hypnotic sound with the right twist. So Paul represented at the time the right artist for our first release, with a great remix from French artist, Gwen Maze.

Who are your musical inspirations and why?

My roots are first techno back in the end of 80s and then house, following legends such as David Morales, Masters At Work and Frankie Knuckles. Once I came into writing music and dancing to a certain sound, I must say my inspiration artist became Richie Hawtin. A true pioneer and constantly evolving. 

Describe Decay in 5 words or less 

Hypnotic, underground and for everyone

What do you look for when signing a new Decay Records track? 

We get lots of demos from around the world, and it’s difficult to listen to all of them. We care a lot about the groove and structure of the track, but also check the artist’s background and try to work with them long term. Some examples of our artists are  Julien Sandre, Neverdogs, Hanfry Martinez, Javier Carballo, Jay Tripwire and the talented Kellie Allen.


Many labels today tend to adopt new sounds with current trends. Has the direction of Decay ever changed since it’s been running? 

We’ve always kept to the same idea; release hypnotic sound, something which is never out of trend. Sometimes we’ve also released more house material, like with an EP from Javi Bora.

What’s been the biggest milestone for Decay so far?

I’d say doing a Decay Showcase in Ibiza a few years ago for No Name (formerly Unusual Suspects) and definitely our upcoming event at Fabric in room 1 on Sunday 30th June, with a super line up – Dana Ruh from Cocoon and Igor Vicente. Both great producers and also outstanding DJs.


You’ve had some incredible artists feature for the label, are there any tracks which stand out for you? 

Every release has his own beauty for me, they are all important to me in the same way!

Alongside the label, you’ve seen a fair few brand parties, which has been the most memorable? 

We had one at 93 Feet East with Andre’ Galluzzi, Nima Gorji, Giorgio Maulini. This was a proper party, and after party!


Congratulations on the upcoming event at Fabric Ldn! Talk us through how you chose the lineup? 

Thank you:) Yes, very simple. At the moment, both Dana and Igor deliver outstanding DJ sets, and we wanted to make sure that we captured their sound which reflects us as a brand and the people who attend our parties. 


Any big plans ahead for the rest of 2019? 

Yes, we have a massive EP signed from Neverdogs with 2 outstanding remixes – one from The Willers Brothers, which I am sure you guys know who they are, and the second one is from Andre Butano, out this autumn on vinyl and digital.

No signs of slowing down ahead for Decay, who after their upcoming show at Fabric will no doubt continue to solidify them as one of the go-to labels for hypnotic, minimal sound. Check them out in action yourself on June 30th, tickets available here.

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