Steppin’ Motion to debut at Fabric London, Sunday 19th May

They're bringing with them some of the finest Parisian minimal house

The esteemed Parisian outfit, Steppin’ Motion, are bringing over their unique minimal house vibes to Farringdon in what is set to be an incredible Sunday night takeover. Featuring as part of a slew of Sunday parties at Fabric, Steppin’ Motion have invited some of their closest affiliates for their first night, with Fabe, Lee Burton, Hardn and Herck all set to join residents Swoop and Mooglee.


2018 was a big year for the French minimal label, hallmarked by their first release (see below) and the launch of their Motion events at the Paris Nouveau Casino, which named Lee Burton, Enrico Mantini, Janeret, and Djebali as guests.

Currently based in Mannheim, Fabe is one of southwest Germany’s leading house and techno producers, with a series of slick minimal releases signed to FUSE and his own label, Salty Nuts. He is sure to bring some of the most infectious grooves to Room 1 and will be a set not to miss.

Lee Burton is one of Greece’s foremost artists for stripped-back house and is certain to  bring that subtle reductionist sound that’s seen him put out records on the likes of Finest Hour and Raum…musik. Haydn and Herck will be going back-to-back to round things out in Farringdon. Both stars of the Fake, Curtea Veche and DreamsAreNotInside & OGE labels, these guys have been garnering respect for their dynamic prowess. Throw this in with the Steppin’ Motion residents Swoop and Mooglee, and you’ll need to be taking the Monday off work.


Limited £5 tickets left here!

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