33 at Basing House, 29.12.18

London's ever-growing party brought their signature vibe to Kingsland road

With what started as a boat party for 140 people on the River Thames in 2017, 33 has become a strong community of like-minded ravers, with stints across the UK, Ibiza, and Budapest to name a few. December 29th saw the 33 family partying until the early hours, at Shoreditch’s Basing House. Resident DJs Karter, Late Replies, and NinetyOne were behind the decks as part of a brand new concept titled #33invites.

Each resident brought with them an artist of their choice for a special 2 hour b2b on the night. This sell out event proved to be a tech house haven for those that managed to secure tickets.



One of Shoreditch’s most in-demand spaces found itself as the home for 33’s next London venture. The intimate one room club opened back in 2010 holds 300 ravers, and today boasts a powerful Funktion-One sound system with a minimal concrete canvas – perfect for 33 to add their signature touches of jaw-dropping production.

Drink Prices
A fairly standard but reasonably priced London bar was in swing for the night, with beers ranging from £5.50-£6.00, water for £3 (small bottle) and spirit & mixers around £7 depending on your choice of poison.


Something we’ve touched on with previous 33 parties as a real highlight is their family orientated crowd. The ravers present at Basing House were no exception – many of the same friendly faces popped up throughout the night, bursting with energy and positive vibes. An area 33 truly shows it’s value, creating such an inclusive atmosphere wherever they hold parties.

With multiple door staff there were minimal waiting times when entering the venue, however the venue’s only bar did become crowded meaning queue times were occasionally on the longer side. An additional bar upstairs in the venue would help tackle this.

During peak times when the venue became full, the temperature did become noticeably uncomfortable, although some areas had fans installed. More use of these fans and additional installations would be good to see here.


Production & Sound

When it comes to production, 33 spare no expense to ensure their parties provide a visual experience to remember. Transforming the blank canvas of Basing House, they installed a lighting set up which dyed the venue in 33’s current red branding, through the use of two piercing lasers, a row of flashing sunstrips and their own glistening lightbox behind the decks.  During the proceedings saw a lighting technician in full control of the settings, working in sync with the DJs performing to craft those memorable moments.


Basing House’s biggest selling point is its emphatic sound system. Delivered courtesy of a thumping Funktion-One set up, two hefty speakers fired crisp sound into the close-walled venue. Additional booth monitors and smaller speakers in the corners of the venue provided a comprehensive audio arsenal, which acted as the perfect tools for 33’s residents and guests.


DJ Sets

Late Replies b2b ALISHA
After taking over from an energetic NinetyOne b2b HVNT, Late Replies formed of Kastro David & Josh Lewis were joined by Habitat resident ALISHA, who between them had no problem keeping the main room moving. The venue had filled at this point, with a real buzz in the atmosphere as the crowd eagerly waited to hear the infectious basslines these three had in store. 


One of the early highlights of the set came from Fuse resident Rich NxT’s remix of “Flow” by Dot Dotan Bibi and Stephan Bazbaz. The percussive rhythm had the crowd locked in from the outset, receiving a fantastic reception. Building momentum as the set moved forward, the vocals of “Won’t Tell Ya” by Tommy Vercetti swirled around the room as the piano stabs pierced through the speakers. As we reached the dying moments of the thrilling two hour showcase, a real stand-out track surfaced – “Panzadelic” by Mar-T and Luca Donzelli. The track’s horns and trumpets lifted the spirits of the room to an all time high, with the funky percussion-led drop leaving our feet burning holes in the dance floor. 

Karter b2b Pat Wilson
For the final performance of the night, 33 resident Karter invited up and coming tech house DJ Pat Wilson to share the booth. The set was littered with more underground beats, this time featuring the minimal side of things before ending with some old-school UK garage; a surprising and refreshing close to the event. 


The set got underway with some minimal vibes – a more subdued approach following the previous popping selections. The lowered pace switched up the vibe in the room, with the first hour being filled with chords, analogue basslines, and tightly compressed percussion. “Picpus” by the Parisian DJ Steaw left quite the impression, as the breakbeat drums and old school chords built up the crowd ahead of the garage that was to come. Soon after Scott Garcia’s 1997 classic “It’s a London Thing” was echoed around the room with the packed out venue singing along – the perfect ending to the night. 



Another successful event for 33 as they continue to cross off the industry’s most sought after venues. The combination of an impeccable Funktion-One sound system, impressive lighting rig, and refreshing crowd proved why 33 is fast becoming one of the go-to parties for tech house. Further consideration around heat regulation for the venue itself would be a great addition, as the room did overheat at times however took nothing away from the stellar show. 8/10

Need another 33 fix already? You’re in luck, next month they take on the iconic Fabric Ldn with their resident DJs and elrow regular De La Swing. Grab your tickets here.

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