10 videos that went viral in 2018

Social media has continued to grow year on year at a meteoric rate, and has since become a key player in how rave content is shared. The past 12 months have seen millions of views on single videos shared across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. We’ve taken a look back at some of the highlights from this year which may have popped up on your news feed at some point.


Amelie Lens – 485k views

The Belgian goddess of Techno is a name you won’t be seeing less of anytime soon. Another huge year following her breakthrough in 2017 has seen the artist grow from strength to strength. Whilst the video below only has 485k views (only!?) the footage has been re-posted a hundred times over, with fans around the world looking for an ID on the track. Following it’s recent release “Basiel” forms part of a 3 track EP out now on Lenske.


Bicep – 730k views

Irish duo Bicep are fast becoming heroes of electronic music. 2017 brought their self titled album, featuring huge tracks including Rain, Aura, Opal, Vale and of course the hair-raising anthem; Glue. A number of live shows curated by the duo in 2018 saw the magical track played, with the point-of-view fan footage posted by T in Techno below reaching 730,000 people.


Carl Cox – 1.1m views

The Ibiza legend Carl Cox is a regular appearance across social media, with the artist playing around the globe throughout the year. One of his more obscure performances came as part of a livestream by Cercle, at Château De Chambord in France. The clip below is taken from the full stream, with Adam Beyer & Bart Skils’ summer anthem “Your Mind” doing the business.


Denis Sulta – 1.2m views

What a year it’s been for the young Glaswegian. Real name Hector Barbour, the scot has featured in countless videos across social media, dropping huge anthems with a reaction from the crowd to match. This particular video is taken from a gig in Ireland with “Blow Ya Mind” by Lock’N’Load sending the club wild.


Patrick Topping – 1.3m views

The Geordie who can do no wrong. Patty T has had another year with his name up in lights. One particular track which has been a regular feature in his sets throughout 2018 is Mall Grab’s “Feel Good House” (Elliot Adamson Eacapella). Here’s a video which the artist posted himself dropping the track to a packed out crowd, with the view count currently at 1.3m.


Michael Bibi – 2.4m views

Solid Grooves star and co-owner Michael Bibi has taken his brand to the next level in 2018. Solidified as one of the go-to parties in both the UK and Ibiza, it seems there’s no stopping him and his fellow groovers. Also partial to an after party, here’s Bibi spinning one from KETTAMA titled “Raw Cuts”, with the track going down an absolute treat. Post by Tech It Deep.


Fisher – 2.7m views 

The Australian wildcard Paul Fisher has been plastered all over our news feeds the past 12 months, since he slingshotted into the limelight. Widely known for his showmanship, colourful personality and downright madness, love him or loathe him he’s become somewhat of an internet sensation. His most notable track to date is captured below at Coachella before it’s release this summer on his own Catch & Release label. The track has since been nominated for a Grammy award.


Burning Man – 6.6m views

The wacky and wonderful festival which nobody really knows much about, apart from that it’s in a desert and looks absolutely insane. Attracting all kinds of creative and imaginative outfits, the Nevada based event truly is a one of a kind spectacle, attracting some of the best names in dance music.


Solomun – 11.6m views

The after party king himself is regularly found in videos filmed during the early hours of the morning, with the day beginning to rise in various sun-kissed locations. The video below is taken at a villa in the mountains of Ibiza, supposedly after his Solomun +1 party at Pacha the night before.


Parookaville Music Festival – 13.8m views

Not something you see everyday. Taken at a festival in Germany, the video shared by Mr. After Party shows a small tornado sending tents in the campsite flying through the sky. Revellers watched on in shock as their belongings drifted above the site in mid-air. At least the toilets stayed put.


Just some of the many videos which have spread across the globe this year, who knows what 2019 will bring!

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