DJ for free on your phone using Rekordbox’s IOS 4.0

Thew new update makes it easier than ever to prepare and perform anytime, anywhere

AlphaTheta Corporation, the renowned audio equipment manufacturer, has recently announced the release of Rekordbox for iOS version 4.0. This much-anticipated update brings about a range of new features that cater to the needs of music enthusiasts and DJs alike. The new version, which has been in development for several months, is expected to be a game-changer in the world of mobile music production and can be accessed for free by all iOS users.

One of the most notable improvements to Rekordbox for iOS 4.0 is the enhanced track management system. DJs can now easily locate and browse through their audio files from within the app, thanks to the new optimised search function. DJs can also create playlists and edit track information directly from their iOS devices, making it easier to organise and prepare their music for performances.

Another exciting addition to the app is the new “Performance Pad” feature. It allows users to trigger hot cues, loops, and samples during live performances using their iOS devices. This feature, which was previously only available on the desktop version of Rekordbox, gives DJs greater flexibility and creative control during their sets.

The new version of Rekordbox for iOS also includes integration with online cloud services such as Dropbox and iCloud. This feature enables users to sync their Rekordbox library across multiple devices and share their music with other users in real-time. Additionally, users can now access and download tracks from SoundCloud and Beatport directly from within the app and easily add them to their library. With improved track management, integrated cloud services, and innovative performance options, Rekordbox for iOS is sure to become a popular choice for DJs and music enthusiasts around the globe.

More information can be found on the Rekordbox website using the link here.
Download the app for iOS using the link below.

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