New technology lets the audience co-create visuals live at the rave

Volta joined forces with Richie Hawtin on his latest tour

In the world of electronic music, the name Richie Hawtin carries a lot of weight. Known for his groundbreaking performances and innovative use of technology, Hawtin has been paving the way for electronic music for over two decades. Now, with the help of XR creation platform Volta, Hawtin is taking his live shows to the next level.

Volta’s game-changing technology allows for the creation of 3D, live audio-generated visual worlds. It works by taking audio inputs and analysing them in real-time, converting the sound waves into visual elements that are projected onto a screen or other surfaces. This creates a stunning, immersive visual experience that enhances the music and takes the audience on a journey through Richie Hawtin’s sonic world.

During his live shows, Volta is used to create a visual environment that shifts and evolves with the music. From abstract shapes and patterns to more recognisable objects like cityscapes and landscapes, the visuals are constantly changing and reacting to the music in real-time. This creates a true multimedia experience that engages all of the senses and transports the audience to a different world.

Fans can also directly influence the visual on display, by co-creating the live stream via Volta’s audience interaction features which impact the performance through Twitch and Volta’s app.

Watch back on all the shows using the link here.

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